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In 2016, Faith Aglow was officially inaugurated at the John Knowles Memorial FCOE Building in Hoyland; our current place of worship. These pictures are from the inauguration service and our 2016 carol service.

On Mothers day, the men treated the women and mothers to a beautiful mothers day cake, gift bags full of goodies (including flowers, chocolates, etc (mothers day cannot be complete without flowers and chocolates). Everyone also got a chance to reflect on their own mums. Pastor Gabriel preached from Isaiah 51 verse 2.  It was a lovely day. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Praise God, Faith Aglow is 1. On the 9th of April 2017, Faith Aglow celebrated its 1st anniversary with a thanksgiving and celebration service in the morning and a praise session in the evening. Light refreshment was served afterwards.

Enjoy the pictures.

Then it was fathers day! The ladies were in charge of most of the service and handed gifts out to the fathers in the house. Congratulations dad and keep on the good work.

Happy viewing...

Praise God Faith Aglow Childrens Church has started and the children are very excited to be in their church. On the 13th of August, we prayed for the children and officially launched the childrens church. The childrens church is open to all children under the age of 13 years and to non-members of Faith Aglow as well.  Kindly view our kids church page for more details. Happy viewing and come join us soon...

Other random, cute and interesting pictures... We just love God...

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