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Pastor Gabriel Mba whose passion for God is exhibited in his daily life, accepted the Lord Jesus as his Lord and savior at the age of 12 and began actively studying, memorizing  and living out the word of God at a young age. His growth spiritually was evident to all as he constantly demonstrated rugged faith in God. Alongside the bible, Gabriel read Christian books from renowned faith giants. He has sat under the leadership and mentoring of the likes of Kenneth Hagin, smith Wigglesworth, Enoch Adeboye, Norma Vincent pale, Pastor Samuel Yanghi, David Oyedepo,  Pastor M Bako, and DL Moody. 

From a young boy, Gabriel's love for the Lord never declined. He attended crusades upon crusades, took part in several rural missionary trips and attended christian conventions where he allowed his faith in God to grow and be applied.

On several occasions, Gabriel had put his life and integrity on the line to believe and see God's word come to pass in his life and situations. 

At the age of 12, being a major sufferer if ashmatic attacks, he recalled reading one of Kenneth Hagin books (the authority of a believer), he locked himself in his room, face straight on God and told God that He either calls him home to glory now or in Jesus' name, from henceforth "no more asthma attacks". That day, Gabriel saw the asthma walk out of his body and the room and till this day has never had any further asthmatic attacks.

God moves when we act in knowledge according to His will. God wants us well.. I wish above all things that thou prospers even as thy soul prospers. (3 John 1:2)

In a foreign country, Gabriel again put God's word to test quoting psalms 42... He kept saying to God, God I'm standing on your word.. and God came through for him.

Once in a  rural area, when attacked by the extremists who were killing Christians at the time, Gabriel once again experienced Gods deliverance and was rescued without a scratch.

Gabriel had served in various capacities in the churches He had grown in. From cleaning the church and getting it ready for church services, to being the bible study leader, prayer coordinator/secretary,  youth leader, leading the men's group of the church, and church pastor.

In all these roles, his faith in God remained unflinching and he served God in all humility, fervency and sincerity. 

Over the years till now, Gabriel continues to listen and obey Gods word at every turn. Today, partnering with God, Gabriel and His wife lead Faith Aglow Ministries. 


Isy MBA.

Born into a the home of ordained ministers in church, Isy grew up knowing the Lord from a very young age. She however made the life changing and all important decision to accept Jesus as her Lord and saviour in 1996 during a crusade (School of ministry ) led by the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Being born again didn't exempt isy from challenges of life and temptations. But as a young girl whose heart was towards God, she always found her way in God.

She grew up being exposed to great men of faith,  Benny Hinn, TL Osborne, kenneth Hagin, Oral Robert, Don Petry, Festus and Julie Akhimien, Mary Iguma to mention a few. These great network of ministers helped in moluding Isy into a woman ready and fit for the ministry.

Isy loved the Lord from a young age and served at leadership positions during and after her university days, both in University Christian fellowships and in bible believing churches till date.

She is a woman embedded in  prayers and the prophetic ministry.

Together with Pastor Gabriel, they are blessed with a lovely baby boy.

Pastor Gabriel ad Isy are a happy couple who are passionate about enjoying everyday christian life. They joyfully extend their love and passion for relationships to other couples and singles too by offering christian counselling and encouragements based on the principles of the scriptures. God is interested in our relationships as He is interested in our relationship with Him.

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